The Piedmont

in the Northwest of Italy is not thoroughly developed in terms of tourism compared to other Italian regions and some areas are still insider tips.

Some of the best red wines such as Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera but also less well-known types of wine such as Grignolino, Dolcetto, Freisa, Brachetto and white wine varieties such as Chardonnay, Cortese (Gavi), Nas-Cetta, Moscato and several more are pressed here. Of course you also get grappas (Romano Levi was of Piedmontese origin) in different varieties. For example in our town Mombaruzzo there is the distillery Berta with impressive maturity cellars in which two million litres of Grappa are stored (visit possible). 



Culinarily well-known as birthplace of the slow food movement, home of the Alba truffels, the Piedmontese cattle (Fasona), Agnolotti (pasta), Amaretti Morbido (for people with a sweet tooth) and many more specialities typical for the region, the area has developed into an Eldorado for connoisseurs. The Michelin Guide awards once three stars, four times two stars and 34 times one star to restaurants in the Piedmont. In addition to that there are several other restaurants which are not taking part in the star cult. 


The Ligurian coast with its many maritime specialities is reachable within 50 minutes from our town. Scenically very attractive day trips can be combined with culinary delights and wine experience. You can go to Monte Carlo, Nizza or Cannes for day trips. 



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