Fantasy knows no limits…


A similar situation occurred with the production of jams. The ones you can buy in the supermarket were mostly too sweet and tasted artificial. So I started experimenting with the fruits of the particular season, whereby I also put different fruits together in one product.

A virtue of necessity…


At the beginning it was just intolerance, later baking our own bread turned into passion. Self-processed spelt flour, cream of tartar (tartar baking powder) instead of conventional baking-powder and salt formed the basis for our first baking trials – sometimes not overwhelming. I tried it again and again, learnt from my mistakes, tried out new things and today it simply tastes delicious. 

Of course there is also further development – nowadays I also bake bread completely without flour, which only consists of grains, seeds, spices and oil. 

Andrea Sagmeister visits IL SOGNO


In those three days I could gain a lot of valuable


I could indulge in her vast knowledge of Chutneys, 

wine jellies and cakes in the glass.

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